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Upcoming Auditions
November 1, 2010:
PLAYERRE auditions with The Second City Theater of Comedy and Improvisation, 1616 N. Wells, Chicago, IL USA
Chicago is the world capital of improvisation (improv) and sketch comedy, and The Second City is in the heart of it. For fifty years The Second City has created a wealth of comedic material from a legendary group of performers.  Today, The Second City Training Center is the largest school of improvisation and sketch comedy in the world.
I just left my Audition.
I KILLED IT!! Knocked it out the park!!! I had to perform a sales pitch monologue. DONE! They loved it. Then, they loved my name, PLAYERRE, and asked me if I could recite a poem for them, just for the hell of it. I DID! DONE!! They loved it!! I even gave them a copy of my debut cd "AVALANCHE" featuring Guaranteed Love. They're having call-backs tomorrow (11/2/10). I FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS. I'll keep you posted!!!

Peace and blessings to you and yours,
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